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Entrepreneur, Facilitator, TedX Speaker, Consultant 💡 Human-Centric Innovator

Jamie Bykov-Brett, born in 1990 in Northampton to a working-class family, has faced numerous personal challenges and adversities that have shaped him into a resilient individual with a strong drive to make a positive impact in society. In 1992, his brother Linford, named after Olympian Linford Christie, was born 16 weeks premature, the most premature baby to survive in the UK at the time. Linford's condition led to frequent hospital trips, but he grew up without significant neurological issues, despite being partially deaf and blind.

Jamie discovered his gift for communication and passion for social good early on and, at age 11, was elected as the youngest member ever to the Youth Parliament. His father, a freelance engineer and ethical hacker, introduced Jamie to the world of technology, which soon became his passion. However, at 15, Jamie's health deteriorated as he began to experience frequent seizures, which led to extended hospital stays, an interruption in his education, and significant mental health challenges. He was also diagnosed with dyslexia post-education.

At 18, Jamie's health improved, and he began to rebuild his life. He joined The Prince's Trust, a charity supporting disadvantaged youth. This program had a profound impact on Jamie, helping him regain his confidence and guiding him towards his life's work. He started as a volunteer, then progressed through an apprenticeship, eventually moving into delivering programs to help other young people. As he continued to climb within the organization, Jamie developed and delivered the national STEM strategy for the UK.

His keen interest in the intersection of technology and education led to a TED Talk titled 'How to Prepare a Generation for the Digital Revolution', where he predicted the impact of AI and automation, many of which have now come to pass. After six years with The Prince's Trust, Jamie joined the Open Society Foundation, managing global talent functions and significant change management projects.

In 2019, Jamie left the Open Society Foundation to go self-employed in training and facilitation, only for the global COVID-19 pandemic to strike. Responding to the challenge, Jamie set up organizations focused on leveraging innovative technology to prepare businesses and organizations for the digital world.

In addition to his professional commitments, Jamie dedicates significant time to volunteering with schools, charities, community organizations, underserved communities, and notably, with disabled communities. Driven by his personal experiences and the struggles of his brother, Jamie is committed to making technology more accessible and inclusive. He actively works on making innovative technologies user-friendly for people with disabilities. He teaches people how to leverage digital technology to support their education, alleviate poverty, and equip young people, & disabled people, with the skills they need in a digital economy.

In addition to his volunteering work and consultancy services, Jamie also runs a digital community named Distributed Republic. This online community is focused on promoting inclusivity and is centered around pivotal technological themes such as decentralization, Web3, the Metaverse, and AI.

Distributed Republic seeks to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and resource sharing among its members. Its mission is to ensure that the communities who can benefit the most from the inception of new technologies have unfettered access to resources, education, and expertise necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Jamie's tireless dedication to facilitating digital literacy and technological accessibility aligns perfectly with the mission of Distributed Republic, further embodying his vision of a more inclusive and equitable digital future. His broad spectrum of influence - from strategic advisory roles with cutting-edge companies to grassroots community work and digital education initiatives - underpins his commitment to catalyzing meaningful digital transformation across all sectors of society.

Jamie's personal journey, coupled with his deep commitment to social change and inclusivity, has empowered him to use technology as a tool to uplift communities and catalyze digital transformation, ensuring no one is left behind in the digital revolution.


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