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Entrepreneur, Facilitator, TedX Speaker, Consultant 💡 Human-Centric Innovator

Jamie Bykov-Brett is an acclaimed Human-Centric Innovator, Workshop Facilitator, and Futurist Educator who has devoted his career to aiding organizations, businesses, and individuals in leveraging innovative digital technologies. His extensive background in digital technology and people development, coupled with his unique ability to bridge diverse disciplines, empowers him to provide transformative solutions at the intersection of human potential and technological innovation.

Over his distinguished career, Jamie has been recognized as one of Engatica's World's Top 200 Business & Technology Innovators and delivered a TEDx Talk in 2015 titled ‘Preparing A Generation To Take Their Place In The Digital Revolution’. His experience spans across a wide spectrum of roles, from front-line youth work to managing global talent functions. His relentless passion for STEM, education, talent management, social change, and poverty alleviation has driven him to pioneer numerous initiatives and social enterprises such as Cerebration and MetaHub.

In 2020, he founded Cerebration, a social enterprise dedicated to fostering equitable training opportunities and creating meaningful learning interventions with a social impact. During the pandemic, he quickly adapted his strategy to leverage the metaverse as a platform to differentiate his offerings from other training providers and investigate how emerging technologies such as Web3 and AI could enhance the learning journey.

Jamie launched MetaHub in 2021, a business specializing in the design and delivery of virtual events and conferences within the metaverse. By 2023, he expanded his portfolio by offering consultation services to help organizations integrate emerging technologies into their operations.

As a resident contributor & AI & Digital Identity thematic lead at Metacampus, Jamie delivers impactful workshops for a range of audiences. His work at Metacampus also involves harnessing AI and automation to streamline operations and enhance the organization's overall efficiency. This hands-on experience equips Jamie with a deep understanding of these emerging technologies, enabling him to bring real-world insights to his clients.

Specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Automation, the Metaverse, VR & AR, Digital Identity, Web3, Digital Economic Justice, and Whole Brain Thinking, Jamie offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of his clients. He designs comprehensive consultation support and implementation services ranging from ideation to deployment to assist businesses in maintaining their competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving digital economy.

Jamie's consulting services are deeply rooted in his philosophy of intersectional innovation, an approach that capitalizes on the synergies between different fields and technologies to create comprehensive solutions that drive digital transformation. His vast understanding of the digital landscape, combined with his dedication to empowering others, positions him as a trusted advisor for any organization seeking to navigate the evolving digital landscape and effectively harness the power of digital innovation technologies.

In addition to his multitude of other roles and contributions, Jamie also provides consultancy and advisory services to a number of forward-thinking organizations that are trailblazing new paths in the digital realm. These include Vault Hill, Cyber Gears, and Phygicode.

Vault Hill is a human-centric Metaverse driven by AI and Blockchain designed to make people feel more human. As a consultant for Vault Hill, Jamie utilizes his wealth of knowledge in AI and human-centered design to help shape an immersive, interactive metaverse where human experience and connection are prioritized. He offers strategic guidance and innovative insights to ensure that Vault Hill continues to push the boundaries of what is possible within a digital environment while preserving the human essence that makes their platform unique.

For Cyber Gears, a company that builds immersive experiences for brands looking to engage wider audiences, Jamie offers advisory services that blend his deep understanding of audience engagement with his expertise in the creation of immersive digital experiences. His work helps Cyber Gears explore various activation opportunities to engage with wider audiences and ensure their clients stand out in the increasingly crowded digital landscape.

Jamie also advises Phygicode, a consortium of industry leaders devoted to the advancement of Phygital products and experiences. Phygicode is at the forefront of bridging the gap between the physical and digital world to foster mass adoption of the Spatial Web. Leveraging his keen understanding of emerging technologies and their intersection with human behavior, Jamie aids Phygicode in pioneering products and experiences that seamlessly blend physical and digital realities. His insights have proven instrumental in guiding Phygicode's efforts to lead the transition towards the Spatial Web.

By offering his expertise to these cutting-edge companies, Jamie is helping to shape the future of the digital landscape and ensuring that human-centric design remains at the forefront of technological innovation. His deep understanding of the potential and the challenges of the Metaverse, AI, and the Spatial Web makes him an invaluable asset to any organization operating in the digital realm

Jamie's approach is both analytical and empathetic, considering emotional, intuitive, and creative factors to broaden perspectives in tech implementation. His commitment to delivering practical, affordable, long-term solutions has been praised by clients and peers alike. He excels in providing high-quality services that deliver tangible results and help clients achieve their business objectives.

Furthermore, Jamie's offerings extend to facilitating workshops that help businesses understand how technology can enhance their operations, providing comprehensive reports with tailored recommendations on technology solutions, and developing clear roadmaps for successful tech integration. His support also covers the implementation of these solutions, ensuring a seamless transition towards digital transformation.

Jamie also actively contributes to the discourse on digital technologies through his blog, with thought-provoking articles on leadership in an AI, Web3, and Metaverse-Driven World, among other topics.

Jamie Bykov-Brett, with his unparalleled expertise and dedication to fostering digital transformation, is an exceptional asset to any organization looking to harness the power of Web3, the Metaverse, AI, and XR. He is committed to understanding your unique needs, helping you navigate the complexities of emerging technologies, and partnering with you to create a future that leverages the full potential of the digital revolution.


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