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Entrepreneur, Facilitator, TedX Speaker, Consultant 💡 Human-Centric Innovator


I’m an award-winning social impact entrepreneur, educator and speaker, and founder of Metahub and Cerebration. At Metahub, we create immersive digital spaces for business worldwide, bridging the realms of the metaverse and reality. With Cerebration, my expertise lies in guiding companies, their leaders, and teams to decode and apply diverse thinking styles, fostering a collaborative, progressive environment primed for growth.

As a human-centric innovator, I thrive at the intersection of innovation and human connection. Firmly believing in the transformative power of innovative technologies, I push for their mindful and equitable use, aiming to spur societal evolution and maximize their positive impact.

Demystifying the metaverse, AI, and other emerging technologies is a passion of mine, and I am dedicated to making these advancements accessible to everyone. With a knack for bringing abstract ideas to life, I’m committed to translating emerging technologies into practical, impactful solutions today. I'm keen to connect and discuss how we can work together to push groundbreaking technologies to the forefront of societal advancement and business growth.

I Talk About...

• The Intersection of Human Potential and Technological Advancement

• Emerging Technologies like AI, Metaverse, and Web3

• Social Change and Poverty Alleviation Through Technology

• Inclusivity and Accessibility in Technology

• Leadership in a Digital, AI-Driven World

• Digital Innovation and Technology Integration

• Leveraging the Metaverse for Innovative Solutions

• STEM Education and Talent Management

• The Future of Work and Digital Economy

• Digital Identity and Privacy in the Digital Age


With a profound expertise spanning multiple domains, Jamie is a dynamic force in the realms of STEM, education, talent management, social transformation, and poverty mitigation. Throughout his illustrious career, Jamie has seamlessly transitioned through diverse roles—ranging from a grassroots youth worker to overseeing global talent operations. His knack for architecting and executing training, onboarding, technical, performance, leadership, and compliance programs for international audiences is particularly noteworthy.

In 2015, Jamie's insights took center stage at a TEDx Talk, where he compellingly discussed "Preparing A Generation To Take Their Place In The Digital Revolution."

By 2020, his visionary zeal led to the inception of Cerebration, a pioneering social enterprise committed to democratizing training avenues while also instilling impactful learning paradigms with tangible societal impact. Faced with the global pandemic, Jamie's resilience and adaptability shone through as he delved into the world of the metaverse, seeking innovative ways to stand apart in training solutions. His research also ventured into how the confluence of emerging technologies like Web3 and Artificial Intelligence could revolutionize learning experiences.

Continuing on this trajectory, 2021 saw the launch of MetaHub—Jamie's venture dedicated to crafting and facilitating virtual events and conferences in immersive digital realms. By 2023, Jamie further expanded his repertoire by offering bespoke consultancy services, aiding businesses in weaving emerging technologies seamlessly into their operational tapestry.

Besides his independent ventures, Jamie collaborates as a consultant with numerous prestigious organizations. Notably, at Metacampus, he plays an instrumental role as the thematic lead, shaping the curriculum around Artificial Intelligence and Digital Identity.


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