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Entrepreneur, Facilitator, TedX Speaker, Consultant 💡 Human-Centric Innovator

As a distinguished figure in the realm of digital innovation and social entrepreneurship, Jamie has carved a unique niche at the crossroads of technological advancement and human connectivity.

An award-winning social impact entrepreneur and educator, he has been celebrated as one of Engatica's "World's Top 200 Business & Technology Innovators" and was a captivating 2015 TEDx Speaker. His journey is marked by the creation of immersive digital environments for businesses globally, adeptly connecting the metaverse with the tangible world.

Jamie's expertise shines in his ability to guide companies, their leaders, and teams in harnessing diverse thinking styles, cultivating collaborative and forward-thinking work cultures geared for growth. He strongly believes in the transformative potential of innovative technologies and champions their thoughtful and equitable implementation to drive societal progress and amplify their beneficial impacts.

His passion lies in demystifying complex concepts like the metaverse, AI, and other emerging technologies, striving to make these advancements accessible to all. With an innate talent for making abstract ideas tangible, Jamie is committed to transforming these technologies into practical, real-world applications. His 2015 TEDx Talk provided profound insights into preparing the next generation for a digital revolution, and his entrepreneurial ventures, such as Cerebration, highlight his dedication to equitable training opportunities.

In 2021, Jamie broadened the digital horizon with MetaHub, focusing on immersive virtual/spatial events, His work not only exemplifies the synergy between people and technology but also underscores his commitment to societal advancement and business growth in the digital age.

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